Brothers and Sisters

I often hear people say…¨If it was my brother or sister, I would be devastated¨.  This was the case not long ago within my community.  In my mind I am saying, ¨he is your brother,she is your sister¨. We have become so separated that we think just because we don´t have the same earthly mother and father that we are not related.  I weep when you are sad and I am happy when you are happy. Many times growing up I did not understand why I was this way. Why do I feel your emotions? Why do I feel your pain in times of crisis? If it hurts you, it hurts me. Why? Because I am your sister. I am your brother. I am as you are. We are one. It is very simply and yet so difficult for others to comprehend. Brothers and Sisters, it is time to wake up to this reality. Only then will we have peace. – M

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