Happiness of others, The – knowing how to be happy for others is a sign of evolution

Your ability to be happy at other people’s good fortune is the criterion for how evolved you are. For, you must admit, it’s usually difficult to be thrilled about other people’s successes and happiness, especially if they succeed where you have failed. On the other hand, when you see them unhappy, it arouses kind thoughts and feelings, pity, compassion and the need to comfort them and help them. Yes, when others have accidents or serious illnesses and when there is no longer a reason to feel envious, people naturally become more understanding and kind, without even making an effort. So you must study your reactions to other people’s success and happiness. The day you are able to be sincerely delighted for them will be the proof that you have succeeded in detaching yourself from the astral and mental planes – your egocentric feelings and thoughts – and have been able to rise to the causal and buddhic planes where wisdom and love reign, which alone are capable of giving you true joy.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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