We are starting to remember the ancient ways for learning and healing. Here is an interesting article and link for you to explore.


Imagine getting to call a Forest your school? That’s where Nick Polizzi’s kid goes- to a Forest School. It’s part of the new “unschooling” movement that’s growing around the world. Rain or shine, the kids hang out and learn everything outside. The best part: Less colds! Nick’s kid used to get sick way more often in the stuffy old classrooms.

Nick Polizzi was a real estate investor who started to get debilitating migraines. When conventional medicine had failed him, he turned to alternatives. A combination of diet (avoiding coffee) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) gave him the relief he needed and Nick hasn’t had a migraine ever since.
His newfound interest in natural remedies put him in a position where he took over the making of a documentary movie. It did well and he was hooked. Fast forward a few years (and movies), Nick took eight people who Western Medicine had failed out to the jungle and documented their journeys with a medicine man. What happened was very interesting. Enjoy the interview.  Unschooling

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