Native American spirituality or indigenous spirituality is a set of spiritual beliefs practiced by many individuals, mostly indigenous peoples, from this continent. In North America this path is sometimes called the natural way and sometimes the red way and one who practices it is said to be “on the good, red road”. Although there is no one Native American way, because all the tribes’ religions are different in detail and practice, there are certain characteristics that run throughout most of the tribes’ precepts. Primarily there is a concern for the earth and all of its creation whether all the races, all the species and all of inanimate life. In other words, although they don’t worship the earth there is a concern for it and all its life forms: they honor the earth and all of creation equally. Man is considered only a small part of the larger cycles and in this sense they are like the oriental viewpoint. But distinct to the Native groups are the concept of responsibility for caretaking the rest of creation.

The Red Road has four Commandments:

  • Respect for the Great Spirit
  • Respect the Earth
  • Respect your Fellow Men and Women
  • Respect every man’s freedom (provided it does not interfere or threaten the tribe, the People or Mother Earth)

Native American Spirituality



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