Your Mask

We all wear masks.  Our masks come in different shapes and colors.  We choose the same mask everyday for a lifetime. We learn about the culture and customs that come with this mask. We learn that this mask reacts when we feel happy or sad. This mask transforms with the experience of time. You look in the mirror and wonder…. ¨Who am I underneath this mask?¨  You start to lift your mask with curiosity and notice a hint of bright light. You quickly adjust your mask back to the original position. What was that!?You had not noticed this before. Everyday you lift your mask a little more. The same bright light appears. Sometimes this bright light appears with other colors as well. Depending on your mood, there are also lights of blue, green, pink, purple, orange or red. Wow! This is fascinating! Does this happen to everyone that has a mask? Why haven´t you heard of this before?  Do others have the same experience but have not shared with you? There are too many unanswered questions. You take it upon yourself to ask others. You ask your family and friends first if they have looked underneath their mask. ¨They say no, why?¨  You share your experience. The next morning some of your family and friends are filled with curiosity and they too lift a small portion of their mask. Woooooow! ¨What was that?¨  Filled with amazement, they too start to share their experience. Soon, you have a whole room of family and friends who have had the same experience. You are so delighted that you can share this new discovery.  You are so happy but something inside of you wants more. You feel there is something missing. You continue to search. You search and search reaching the point of feeling anxious and even depressed at times.  This feeling inside of you is persistent. It will not go away. You become desperate and begin to search the history books, the internet, religious studies, other cultures and customs. You search endlessly without regard for time. One day you click on something that seems totally outrageous and completely far fetched.  Your jaw drops, your eyes water, you smile. It is what you have been searching for; this information resonates with you.  Filled with awe and newly acquired knowledge you share with your family and friends but they don´t seem too receptive. They have doubts and fears.  You become a little discouraged by their lack of interest but understand they may not be ready for this information. Now that you have this information you want to know more.  Your search continues and you reach a new level of enlightenment.  You start to notice that some of the information you find seems oddly familiar as though you´ve known of this but not sure why?  Hmm, is there a possibility you have known this all along but did not remember?  The more you find the more questions you have.

Two years pass. You are happier and feel a great sense of peace. You stop and smell the roses. You smile at the person passing by. You pick up the trash someone else has left behind. You observe how others care for each other. You feel an abundance of love.  You have somewhat lost touch with family and friends in the search for your self.  And yet, you feel such deep love and care for them and even feel closer than before.  It is as though they are part of you. You make an effort to reach out to them but they don´t seems to notice you. You feel invisible. How can you feel so close to them and not be noticed. This seems very strange. Did they forget about the light underneath the mask?

One Halloween you are invited to join a party. Everyone is wearing their mask but they have decide to decorate more by adding more colors and shapes. At this party the room is dark, the music is playing and there is plenty to eat. All are invited to this party so obviously,  you don´t know everyone there. As you scan the room you see all the different masks; some scary, some fun, some silly and some outdone. You wonder who is underneath the mask.  Is it your long time friend? Is it the relative you have not seen for 20 years? You don´t know. Their masks cleverly disguise who they are. You, being a Being of curiosity are thinking of a way to find out. You brain storm and put together a plan.

It is now midnight and your curiosity has reached a critical point. It is time to put your plan into action and reveal the identities of the people behind the masks. You have thought of every detail, your plan is flawless. Almost invisible, you head over to where the music is playing and luckily it is near the power outlet and light switch. In stealth mode you simultaneously turn on the lights and disconnect the music playing. Everyone is in shock! What happened? They begin to remove their masks to trouble shoot. To your amazement their true identities are revealed. You cannot speak, your eyes water, you smile and feel love. As everyone removes their mask, they remove the two layers covering their true identity.  You are almost blinded by the bright shining lights. It is as though you are looking up at the sky and see the bright and shining stars. It was in this very moment that you realize you are all the same. You are all Beings of Light. You are all Beings of Love. – M


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