Opportunity to Choose

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.  The recent election in the United States is a perfect example of the opportunity and freedom we have to choose.  Although we may not agree 100% of what the new leader has to offer,  we have made a choice.  Whether we agree or not with the results, we have the power to choose how we will react. Do we react in a peaceful manner or be destructive?  All has consequence,  so it’s important to ask ourselves “Am I making the choices that are aligned with who I am?”
Emotionally charged events such as this one tend to bring the best or worst in people. Unless we have mental, emotional and spiritual balance, we’ll have the urge and tendency to react negatively to this and every major event that comes our way. It is an important time to evaluate who we are individually and as a collective.  Perhaps one of the tasks assigned to this new leader is to bring issues to the surface that still need to be dealt with in ourselves. Like any illness or challenge in our lives, there is a valuable lesson to be learned.
This election is symbolic and very powerful. People want change and while change can be uncomfortable,  it is necessary for growth. We, the powerful Beings that we are will decide what changes will occur based on our collective thoughts and actions. If we want peace, we must think and act peacefully. If we want equality we must be fair and just. If we want prosperity and abundance in our lives, we must be willing to give and receive.  If we want love and compassion for humanity, we must BE love and compassion.  The choices our leaders make will depend on us.  So in this time of great change, we must decide to be who we really are, or who we want to be.  We get to choose to move forward or have a set back. The choice is ours. – M

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