Love is the answer

Love is the answer to all. I know some may be doubting and thinking…. ¨Come on, how can it be the answer to all?¨  I understand your doubt, after all, some have forgotten the power of love. The love that created us. The unconditional love that exists within all of us; Self love and the love for others.

In a world run by those who would rather you have fear for they themselves are fearful you will remember who you truly are.It´s no wonder those in power fear love. They know their world of power and greed would dissolve should we decide to just BE Love. They know the power behind it and they will do anything to cover it up; they will create a fear based society to feed their existence.  It is time to stop feeding fear and start living in love.

LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love Creates, Love Heals, Love Unites, Love is Unconditional, and Love is Limitless. When we realize we are love and start living in love, we are complete. When we live in love there is no need to cause harm, dominate, control, or persuade. When we live in love we understand our higher purpose. We understand we are a reflection of each other; we know we are one and that our love is the answer to all. – M

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