Let’s dance in the rain

Last night I dreamt that I revealed who I truly was to my Earth Family.  I revealed I was a Spiritual Being not of this world; a Spiritual Being with many gifts.  Some of my closest friends were very confused, in disbelief and angry. Why would they be angry? Ah, I understood, their belief system had been challenged. The programming of many lifetimes still embedded within their consciousness.  I explained that I understood why they were reacting this way; they were still evolving and not fully awakened. One of the individuals became very angry and violent. In another lifetime I would have been fearful of the consequences this would have brought but not this time, This time, I had no fear! (Dreams are a wonderful resource to overcome fears, remove blocks and heal.)

History has clearly shown that when people do not understand what they are faced with they become fearful, angry and even violent.  We are experiencing this in our world today. Some of us may not fully understand why certain events are taking place and the lack of understand may cause discomfort, confusion and distress. I am here to say, “Don’t despair!  There are changes taking place for the good of humanity. Now more than ever, it is important for us to remain peaceful, hopeful, and balanced.  It’s important for us to silence our minds and connect with our hearts.  It’s important to connect with our higher selves.  “Those who are aligned with their Divine Nature will dance in the rain while the storm passes.” – M

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