Our Creation

In a dream and on the other side of the veil, I see a young woman. I witness how her single thought instantly shapes her future. Instantly I am transported to the immediate result of that single thought. Wow!  How powerful we are!!
What type of future are we molding and shaping?  Where are we focusing our energy? What intentions do we have?  Are these desires in alignment with our highest path and purpose? These are very important questions. We owe it to ourselves to stop for a moment and really evaluate, be conscious to what type of experience we are creating.
Today let’s focus on our inner peace and love. Let’s create abundance and prosperity for all of humanity. Focus on the cleansing of our Earth, Water, and Air. Feel JOY in knowing you are loved. Elevate your energy, open your heart and align with the New Golden Age. -With Light and Love, M

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