Message in a dream, please read

girl-1459836_1920I am approached by a two women. One is clearly leading this group. This woman wants to recruit me. She wants me to be part of her group. She is demanding and manipulative. She wants me to show her my abilities. She knows I have abilities that may serve their purpose. I fly in the air and feel so energetically strong. I am able to see the actions of others before they act.  She tries to persuade me to join their group. I say “NO!”.   I tell her nothing she does or threatens me with will convince me to be part of their group. I tell her I am conscious of the many times they have tried to force me by hurting my family. I am aware that all is an illusion and know the ultimate outcome. I tell her I am strong and have four Archangels by my side; Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, and the other I don’t recognize at that moment. I approach the women and as I do I look back and say, “Oh yes, Archangel Metatron.”  I tell the woman I am not alone, I am strong; I feel my energy grow and picture large energetic wings of light. I continue to approach the lead woman and say, “You can choose your own path” I remind her that she has freedom of choice and she can choose to do different; choose to be guided by light. My dream ends.

This is the message to you all in a nutshell:

Remember who you are. You have Divine Gifts others may try to exploit. Do not be afraid of those who try to manipulate and control you. You are never alone; you have other Divine Beings by your side to support and guide you upon your request. Remind others they too have the freedom of choice; they can choose to be guided by light.

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